1. Any service lasts up to fourteen hours (if full-day) or seven hours (if half-day). It includes that (i) one or more of our associate meritorious (a driver and/or a tour leader and/or a guide) pick you up at your hotel, b&b, or other place in Palermo by one of our means of transportation, that (ii) we arrive at destination, and that (iii) we take you back at your hotel, b&b, or other place in Palermo, everything within fourteen or seven hours from departure.

2. The payment of the contribution, if it has not been carried out before the day of departure (receipt or voucher is to be shown), is to be made to our associate meritorious in cash or by credit card before departure unless differently specified.

3. Entry tickets, tolls, parking tickets, the associate meritorious’ meal and the new associates’ meals are not included, hence they are to be paid separately.

4. In case of adverse weather conditions the service may be changed by the associate meritorious without any refund.

5. The tours may be planned to last longer, or include extra services: the differences from the general rules will be confirmed both during reservation and by our associate meritorious before departure.

6. Any extra hour -from the 15th minute after the tenth or the fifth hour- requires an extra contribution of a minimum of €35 per hour. In case of traffic jam the first hour will not be charged.

7. Any associate who parts from the group to come back after the meeting time communicated in advance by the associate meritorious, so causing troubles to all the other associates, will be charged €50, to be paid before getting aboard. The associate meritorious is instructed to wait no longer than 30 minutes.

8. Palermo Walks is not responsible for any injury and/or any theft or damage to the personal belongings.