Palermo Pay-As-You-Like Walk

Palermo Pay-As-You-Like Walk

The perfect walk for those who don't have much time, though want to explore the city with the locals.

In an hour you'll be visiting some of the best sites in Palermo, a way to water your mouth with a few delicacies of our city!

The walks starts off from the Quattro Canti (Four Corners), a square that is the very centre of the city with its four fountains, four viceroys, and four female patron saints; it was laid out on the orders of the viceroys between 1608 and 1620. There you'll meet our Tour Leader, that is our expert storyteller.

A few metres away lies Piazza Pretoria (Praetorian Square); the square, also known as the Square of Shame for the nudity of the statues of the huge fountain, was built or better moved there in 1573, just at the centre of the square. The same square hosts the Praetorian Palace (which hosts the Town Hall) built in the 14th century and renovated in the 19th: it is often open to the general public, so you may spot the mayor of Palermo...

Our next stop is Ballarò, the most ancient open-air marketplace in Palermo, of Arabic origins, where colours and smells and voices fill in the air. Fresh and cooked food is displayed on the stalls, sold by the sellers with their typical abbanniata (screaming the products' characteristics).

After walking up Via Vittorio Emanuele, full with historical buildings once seats of the nobles, we reach the astonishing Cathedral of Palermo, erected in 1185 by Walter Ophamil (or Walter of the Mill), the Anglo-Norman archbishop of Palermo and King William II's minister, on the area of an earlier Byzantine basilica. In this cathedral, synthesis of history and art of the last millennium in Sicily, in addition to the Norman kings were also crowned Vittorio Amedeo II of Savoy and Carlo III of Bourbon.

This walk is free though a donation to Palermo Walks, according to how much you will have enjoyed the walk, is more than welcome! You can book this walk only through our Facebook Page, so please click here to send us a message with the day and the number of participants.

Why touring with Palermo Walks? We have been awarded the patronages of the Sicilian Parliament and of the City of Palermo, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can always talk to one of our managers. Our style is based on storytelling, our unique way of sharing with you the history and stories of people, art, culture, food, traditions. Book your walk now to enjoy the best of Palermo!



  • 14:00 Quattro Canti
  • 14:15 Square of Shame
  • 14:30 Ballarò open-air marketplace
  • 15:10 Cathedral of Palermo
  • 15:30 End of the walk
  • Options

    • Customisation: if you prefer a shorter or a longer walk, to add or remove some points of interest, and/or if you require different hours, please contact us.
    • For a language different from English or Italian please contact us.
  • Specifications

    • Frequency: daily.
    • Departure: 14:00 from the Quattro Canti.
    • Duration: 90 minutes.
    • Number of participants: 1-8, for more people please contact us.
    • Type of tour: open (people from different groups may join in), though limited to 8 people in total; for a private walk please contact us.
    • Location: Palermo's city centre.
    • Modality: on foot.
    • Dress code: none.
    • What is included: guide speaking English and Italian.

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