The Palaces of Palermo

The Palaces of Palermo

This walk is perfect for those who like visiting palaces and museums.

The fifth of our waking tours will lead you inside other fascinating palaces in Palermo, which used to be the residences of the nobles.

For this guided walk with a licensed local guide we will meet you up at the Quattro Canti (or we may pick you up from your hotel or b&b) to head to the Palazzo Pretorio (Praetorian Palace), also known as Palazzo delle Aquile (Palace of Eagles): the City Hall. Built around 1470 under the initiative of the praetor Pietro Speciale, it underwent to numerous transformations and enlargements between the 16th and the 17th century. The interior of the palace witnesses artworks spanning from the 15th to the 19th century.

After a brief stroll along Via Vittorio Emanuele we arrive at Palazzo Mirto, a splendid example of the aristocracy's palaces in the past. The palace, built in the 13th century, was home to the Filangeris, then to the Lanza Filangieri Principi di Mirto family, by whom it took its name. The Filangieris are still nowadays remembered as one the most ancient Norman family in Sicily and Southern Italy. The twenty-one lavish ballrooms, sitting rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms are covered in silk and velvet wallpaper, containing wooden furniture and intricately detailed chiffoniers.

Not far from Palazzo Mirto lies Palazzo Abatellis. The Palazzo, an example of the Gothic-Catalan architecture, was designed in the 15th century by Matteo Carnelivari as the residence of Francesco Abatellis (or Patella), port master of the Kingdom of Sicily. During the night between the 16th and the 17th of April 1943 the palace was struck during an Allied air bombing: the loggia, the portico, the south-western sector and the wall of the western tower crumbled down. The palace was then restored, and it was decided to be home to the Gallery of Art for the Sicilian Region.

At the end of the walk we will take you back to the hotel or b&b or, being lunchtime, we may suggest you a lovely restaurant or where to enjoy some delicious street food: any walk had better end up with some tasty Sicilian dishes!

Why touring with Palermo Walks? We have been awarded the patronages of the Sicilian Parliament and of the City of Palermo, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can always talk to one of our managers. Our style is based on storytelling, our unique way of sharing with you the history and stories of people, art, culture, food, traditions. Book your walk now to enjoy the best of Palermo!



  • 9:30 Quattro Canti
  • 9:45 Palazzo delle Aquile
  • 10:45 Palazzo Mirto
  • 11:30 Palazzo Abatellis
  • 12:30 End of the walk or we may take you to a restaurant



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    • Frequency: daily (except Christmas Day and New Year's Day).
    • Departure: 9:30 from the Quattro Canti; otherwise our guide will meet you up at 9:00 at your hotel or b&b in Palermo's city centre, at an extra fee of €15. The time may slightly vary according to the total number of participants, so it will be confirmed via email; if your hotel or b&b is outside the city centre please contact us.
    • Duration: 3 hours.
    • Number of participants: 1-8, for more people please contact us.
    • Type of walk: open (people from different groups may join in), though limited to 8 people in total; for a private walk please contact us.
    • Location: Palermo's city centre.
    • Modality: on foot.
    • Dress code: none; it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes.
    • Contribution: 1-2 people €169, 3-5 people €189, 6-8 people €209
    • Entry tickets: not included.