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Mount Etna is the tallest active volcano in Europe!

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From a modern though enchanted castle by the idea of a single man we start,
to continue with a castle which, of those in Western Sicily, is the heart.

Let’s venture out of the big city and, apparently, back in time
to understand why Medieval times were not, for everybody, sublime.

From the Arabs to the Normans our history is full of wonders
that may be traced back to more ancient times, those of plunders.

From the killing of a Baroness by her abominable father
to the Tonnara, the tradition of the tuna-fish slaughter.

A wonderful boat cruise in the Phoenician history of Sicily to meet the Motya Charioteer...

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Syracuse was one of the most important cities before the rise of Rome...

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The largest archaeological park in Europe.

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Two of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Sicily in one tour!

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Lovely city, lovely landscapes, lovely shops, lovely food: what other reasons to visit Cefalù?

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