The Arabs in Palermo - UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Arabs in Palermo - UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Arabic Palermo is simply fascinating...

This tour includes some fascinating edifices UNESCO World Heritage Sites from 2015 built or strongly influenced by the Arabs in Palermo since they conquered the city in 831. Many other edifices are no longer existing very likely not because of the Normans who defeated the Arabs after 241 years, but because of the Spanish who ruled the city a few centuries later, very hostile to everything related to Islam; nevertheless what was left is incredible, indeed!

For this tour with English-speaking driver we will pick you up from your hotel or b&b with one of our vehicles: with a minimum of 3 people the vehicle is a luxury Mercedes-Benz 4x4 or a comfortable 8-seat minivan! The first stop is Piazza Bellini, in the old city; upon arrival one can easily spot a mosque-like church: San Cataldo, founded around 1160 by the king's admiral Maio of Bari.

The second stop is the Church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti (Saint John of the Hermit), close to the Royal Palace. The church's origin dates back to the 6th century; later, after the Islamic conquest of Sicily, it was converted into a mosque. After the establishment of the Norman domination of Southern Italy, it was returned to the Christians by King Roger II of Sicily who, around 1136, entrusted it to the Benedictine monks of Saint William of Vercelli.

The third stop of our tour is the edifice known as the Zisa Castle: its construction begun in the 12th century by the Arabian craftsmen for King William I of Sicily, and completed by his son William II. The edifice was conceived as a summer residence for the Norman kings, part of the large hunting resort known as the Genoardo (Arabic: Jannat al-arḍ, literally Paradise on Earth). The Zisa is clearly inspired by the Moorish architecture. The name Zisa itself derives from the Arab term al-Azīz, meaning dear or splendid.

The fourth stop is at the Maredolce Castle or Favara Castle, located in a neighbourhood in the city's outskirts. It is an edifice in the Islamic style whose architecture does not show Norman influences. It lies inside the once-named Fawwarah (boiling spring in Arabic), the Favara Park nowadays. The palace, improperly considered a castle, was built in 1071 as part of the qasr, that is a fortified citadel at the foot of Mount Grifone, probably encircled by walls.

We then get back to the city for the last stop of our tour: the Castello a Mare (Sea Castle). Located in the Archaeological Park near the Cala, a small haven, it was the most important defensive stronghold in the port of Palermo until the 20th century. Built in the 9th century, during the Arab domination, in the course of time was repeatedly restored and expanded for the various uses decided by the various city governments.

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  • 9:00 Hotel or b&b pick-up by car or minivan
  • 9:30 Church of San Cataldo
  • 10:30 Church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti
  • 12:00 Zisa Castle
  • 13:30 Lunch (not included)
  • 16:00 Maredolce Castle
  • 17:30 Castello a Mare
  • 19:00 Hotel or b&b drop-off
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    • Location: Palermo.
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