Our concept is relational tourism, that is tourism with the human touch! We are locals, we know the places, we can tell you the stories you won't find in books, we want you to experience the best in and out Roma, the city we love and live in.

We are going to publish the details of the following activities:



  • The hidden history of Roma - Brand new walking tours to get to know the true history of the Eternal City.
    Appian Way I: Regina Viarum - From Villa of the Quintilii, the largest and most luxury villa in the city's suburbs, to the Mausoleum of Caecilia Metella, one of the best preserved in the area.
    Appian Way II: The Faith Way - From the Circus of Maxentius, the largest private circus owned by the last non-Christian emperor, to the Church of the Domine Quo Vadis, a symbol for the Christians.
    Appian Way III: The Walls - From the Aurelian Walls, the best preserved walls in the world together with the City Wall of Nanjing, to the Bath of Caracalla, the second largest public baths ever built in Ancient Rome.
  • Vox Populi - From the 16th century until now you won't suspect who are the city's storytellers: six statues telling us a lot about the Romans.
  • Street Food and Culture - Street Food is not just delicious! Food is related to culture, you'll learn why...
  • Caravaggio: the first cinematographer - Uncover the link between the Italian painter and the modern cinema.
  • Food and Wine Night Walks - Hang out with the locals! Join us to see what we do, eat and drink at night.



  • Tivoli Villas - Hadrian's Villa and Villa d'Este are extraordinary villas both UNESCO Heritage Sites. Plus the stunning park of Villa Gregoriana for those who want to spend more time.
  • The Roman Castles - The best palaces of the ancient, rich Italian families, in lovely towns overlooking two lakes. Not to mention the food...
  • Park of Monsters - A fantastic journey in the human fantasy and on the 2,800 years old Etruscan pyramid which inspired the park.
  • Discovering Italy - Tours to the most stunning sites like Ostia Antica, Bagnoregio, Pompeii, San Gimignano, etc.!



  • Food and Wine Tastings - Visit with us the best wineries in the villages surrounding the Eternal City to taste the best wines and dishes!


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