The Knight's Castles 3

The Knight's Castles 3

From a modern though enchanted castle by the idea of a single man we start,
to continue with a castle which, of those in Western Sicily, is the heart.

Four castles, three of which in the same city, plus on the most beautiful in Western Sicily.

For this guided itinerary we will pick you up from your hotel or b&b with one of our vehicles: with a minimum of 3 people the vehicle is a luxury Mercedes-Benz 4x4 or a comfortable 8-seat minivan! It takes about 2 hours to arrive at the Sciacca Enchanted Castle, our first castle which is not a proper castle but an eccentric garden filled with naïve artworks. The creator of this spectacle was Filippo Bentivegna (1888-1967), also known as ‘Filippo of the Heads’. A local man, he emigrated to America in the early 20th century and endured various difficulties and mishaps, including being beaten up by a love rival. Returning embittered to Sicily, he created a strange world of his own in this garden outside Sciacca, sculpting strange heads and figures.

We then go to the city of Sciacca (the Enchanted Castle being outside the city) to have a look at the remains of two other castles: the Old Castle, built during the invasion of the Normans, and the New Castle, or the Castle of the Counts Luna. During the Aragonese-Angevine Wars (1282-1302) the latter was besieged numerous times, after which the Peralta family took possession of it and obtained by the King of Sicily the right to mint coins. In the following centuries the town was at the center of bloody feuds between rival baronial families (the Luna, of Aragonese origin, and the Perollo, of Norman stock), which nearly halved its population.

After lunch at a restaurant in Sciacca we head to Partanna. The Partanna Castle is among the best preserved castles in Western Sicily; its shape dates back to the 14th century, then modified by the Grifeo family; but the history of the castle is far more ancient: the Grifeos were assigned the territory in 1091 from the first Norman ruler of Sicily, Roger I, and then they turned an Arab fortified farm in a fortress. The castle now hosts a prehistory museum.

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  • 9:00 Hotel or b&b pick-up by car or minivan
  • 11:00 Enchanted Castle (inside)
  • 12:30 New Castle and Old Castle in Sciacca
  • 13:30 Lunch in Sciacca (not included)
  • 14:30 Departure from Sciacca towards Partanna
  • 15:00 Partanna Castle (inside, and visit of Partanna)
  • 16:30 Departure from Partanna towards Palermo
  • 18:00 Hotel or b&b drop-off
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    • Duration: 8 hours.
    • Number of participants: 1-8, for more people please contact us.
    • Type of tour: open (people from different groups may join in), though limited to 8 people in total; for a private tour please contact us.
    • Location: Marineo - province of Palermo.
    • Modality: by car or minivan.
    • Dress code: none.
    • Contribution: 1 person €199, 2 people €149 per person, 3-5 people €119 per person, 6-8 people €99 per person.
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    • Entry tickets: not included.

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