The Cathedral and the Royal Palace Private Walking Tour

The Cathedral and the Royal Palace Private Walking Tour

This private walking tour is about some spectacular Norman edifices and what might be the origin of the Mafia

This second of our walking tours will get you more into the Norman history of the city and the origin of the Mafia.

For this private walking tour with one of our professional local guides, we will meet you up at the Quattro Canti. The Quattro Canti,a square built between 1608 and 1620, is the very centre of the city with its four fountains, four statues of viceroys, and four statues of old patron saints. One of the four corners is part of the Church of San Giuseppe dei Teatini, considered one of the most outstanding examples of the Sicilian Baroque in Palermo, built at the beginning of the 17th century.

After walking up Via Vittorio Emanuele, full with historical buildings once inhabited by the nobles, we reach the astonishing Palermo Cathedral, erected in 1185 by Walter Ophamil (or Walter of the Mill), the Anglo-Norman archbishop of Palermo and King William II's minister, on the area of an earlier Byzantine basilica. In this cathedral, synthesis of history and art of the last millennium in Sicily, in addition to the Norman kings were also crowned Vittorio Amedeo II of Savoy and Carlo III of Bourbon.

The last site of our walk is possibly the most important: the Royal Palace or Normans Palace, nowadays the seat of the Sicilian Regional Assembly. After the Normans had conquered Sicily in 1072 the palace, previously built by the Arabs, was chosen as the main residence of the kings. In 1132 King Roger II added the famous Palatine Chapel, whose golden mosaics are unique for their subtle modulations of colour and luminance.

Then we make way to the Capo open-air marketplace, but firstly we encounter the Beati Paoli... or better the street and square named after them! Beati Paoli is the name of a secret sect thought to have existed in Sicily centuries ago. And probably the Mafia in Palermo originated from them. If you want to know more about the modern Mafia have a look at the The Vucciria Street Market and the Mafia walk.

Each open-air marketplace in Palermo keeps its own characteristics, colours and smells; they are all so different from any other Western market (though similar to the souks of the North African and Middle-Eastern cities) that visiting all of them is a worthwhile experience! The exit of the Capo market is Porta Carini, one of the ancient gates of Palermo, but before leaving why not to taste some street food, for which Palermo is famous worldwide?

Turning right, we head on to our last city beauty for this walk: Teatro Massimo. It is the largest opera house in Italy and the third largest in Europe, though when it was built was the largest in the world!

At the end of the walk, being lunchtime, we may either suggest you a lovely restaurant or where to enjoy some delicious street food: any walk had better end up with some tasty Sicilian dishes!

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  • 9:30 Quattro Canti
  • 9:45 Palermo Cathedral
  • 10:45 Royal Palace and Palatine Chapel
  • 11:45 Piazza Beati Paoli
  • 12:00 Capo open-air marketplace
  • 12:10 Teatro Massimo (outside view)
  • 12:30 End of the walk or we may take you to a restaurant​
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    • Duration: 3 hours.
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    • Location: Palermo's city centre.
    • Modality: on foot.
    • Dress code: no shorts and no sleeveless garment as not allowed in religious sites; it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes.
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