Discovering Palermo Private Walking Tour

Discovering Palermo Private Walking Tour

This private walking tour is perfect to discover why Palermo is a jewel!

This is the first of our walking tours to start discovering Palermo, a city more ancient than Rome...

For this private walking tour with one of our professional local guides, we will meet you up at the Quattro Canti to head to Piazza Pretoria (Praetorian Square); the square is also known as Piazza della Vergogna (Square of Shame) for the nudity of the statues of its huge fountain, which was built or better moved there in 1573. In the same square we find the Praetorian Palace (which hosts the City Hall) built in the 15th century and renovated in the 19th century: it is often open to the general public, so we may spot the mayor of Palermo…

A few metres away lies the Church of Martorana (or Church of Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio, ammiraglio meaning admiral): in 1184 the Arab traveller Ibn Jubayr visited the church, and later devoted a significant portion of his description of Palermo to its praise, describing it as “the most beautiful monument in the world”. If an Arab said so for a Christian church it must be true!

After walking over the interred Kemonia river we enter the Church of Casa Professa (also known as Church of the Gesù) built by the Jesuits between 1590 and 1636: the marble reliefs, with their figural and ornamental motifs on the pillars, and the marble mosaics are absolutely unique.

Then Ballarò, the largest and most ancient open-air marketplace in Palermo, of Arab origins: where colours and smells and the vendors' screams fill in the air. Fresh and cooked food is displayed on the stalls, sold by the vendors with their typical abbanniata (screaming out the products’ characteristics).

At the end of the walk, being lunchtime, we may either suggest you a lovely restaurant or where to enjoy some delicious street food: any walk had better end up with some tasty Sicilian dishes!

Why touring with Palermo Walks? We only offer quality!
Palermo Walks has been awarded the patronages of the Sicilian Parliament and of the City of Palermo, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can always talk to one of our managers. Our style is based on storytelling, our unique way of sharing with you the history and stories of people, art, culture, food, traditions.

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  • 9:30 Quattro Canti
  • 9:45 Piazza della Vergogna
  • 10:00 Martorana church
  • 10:45 Casa Professa church
  • 11:45 Ballarò open-air marketplace
  • 12:30 End of the walk or we may take you to a restaurant
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  • Specifications

    • Frequency: daily (except Christmas Day and New Year's Day).
    • Departure: 9:30 from the Quattro Canti, or from your hotel or b&b if inside the city centre; if your hotel or b&b lies outside the city centre and you need trasnportation, please contact us.
    • Shore excursion tour with meeting at the port: yes, optional.
    • Duration: 3 hours.
    • Number of participants: 1-10, for more people please contact us.
    • Type of walk: private.
    • Location: Palermo's city centre.
    • Modality: on foot.
    • Dress code: no shorts and no sleeveless garment as not allowed in religious sites; it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes.
    • Rates: 1-2 people €169, 3-5 people €199, 6-10 people €229
    • Entry tickets: not included, but you may include them as an option.