Our concept is relational tourism, that is tourism with the human touch! We are locals, we know the places, we can tell you the stories you won't find in books, we want you to experience the best in and out Catania, the city we love and live in.

We are going to publish the details of the following activities:



  • Discovering Catania - Brand new walking tours to get to know the true Catania.
  • Legends and Mysteries - Listen to the underground myths of Mount Etna's city.
  • Culture and Street Food - Street Food is not just delicious! Food is related to culture, you'll learn why...
  • Food and Wine Night Walks - Hang out with the locals! Join us to see what we do, eat and drink at night.
  • Special Free Walk - For those who have little time but want to know something about Catania.



  • Mount Etna and Taormina - Mount Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe, UNESCO Heritage Site. Taormina is the most visited town in Sicily.
  • Palermo - A city more ancient than Rome deserves a visit! The Royal Palace and the two cathedrals will leave you speechless, not to mention the food...
  • Agrigento - Among the best-preserved ancient Greek temples. UNESCO Heritage Site.
  • Discovering Italy - Tours to the most stunning sites like Noto, Gangi, the Sicilian castles, and also to Calabria!



  • Food and Wine Tastings - Visit with us the best wineries in the villages surrounding Mount Etna's city to taste the best wines and dishes!


In the meantime please contact us for further information and to book your Walk, Tour, or Itinerary. Or phone us up on +39 320 931 7846 / +39 320 751 1079.